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Gift Card

Gift Card

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Perfect for those newly setting up their homes, redesigning a space, or simply in love with the art of décor. Whether it's a statement piece or that cozy corner chair, this card empowers your loved ones to choose what they truly desire.

Key Features:

In-Store & Online Shopping: This card is usable for in store and online shopping! Perfect for both local shoppers and anyone in Ontario looking to update their space. 

Limitless Choices: With access to an exquisite range of furniture pieces from modern minimalist designs to timeless classics, there's something for every taste and every room.

Extended Validity: A generous 5-year validity period gives them ample time to decide, making sure they pick the perfect piece.

Our Gift Card is not just a token, it's an invitation to transform living spaces, a chance to reimagine comfort, and an opportunity to reflect personal style. Give the gift of choice!

***All gift cards are final sale.***

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